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giulia del mastio detail

text: Virginia Mammoli

April 30, 2020

The illustrated imagery of Giulia Del Mastio at the time of the Coronavirus

The seventh author's drawing of The illustrations of

Another young Tuscan illustrator who has made her greatest passion her profession. Thanks to her talent, of course, but also thanks to the pounding imagination that has always accompanied her. Because sometimes your head in the clouds is the one that makes you reach your goals.
But let's move on to the design that Giulia Del Mastio has created for us in her fascinating style, thinking about the lockdown, which is coming to an end leaving room for phase 2.
It is entitled "Empty City" and she tells us about it as follows: "I wanted to use newspaper articles as a basis for this illustration, because what is happening in this last period is the background to our days constantly".

Giulia del Mastio, "Empty City"

"I believe that creativity is essential to move forward, to resist and build something good in this time when the words virus, closure, social distancing fill the headlines. Creativity has served us to adapt to a new routine, has allowed us to make otherwise endless days flow faster, and will serve us in the near future to reinvent ourselves and adapt to a new social and working reality. Those who possess imagination, creativity and fantasy, have an extra gear to be able to resist even in the most difficult moments".
This fantasy and willingness to do often leads her to collaborate with other creatives (photographers, illustrators, graphic designers...), with whom she likes to confront and influence each other.


Graduated in art instinct in Siena, she then studied set design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, acquiring a traditional training that serves as a solid springboard from which to launch into original and personal experimentation. Favorite painting technique, acrylic "I like the materiality of color, brilliance and above all, I like to paint and get dirty.


Over the years he has created illustrations for large companies, but also for the marketing of small businesses. His limited edition fine art graphics are distributed and sold in many Italian galleries. She has created the illustrations for some children's books and soon the illustrated recipe book "Valentina Gluten Free" will be published by Reverdito Editore.

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