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Melania Branca detail

text: Virginia Mammoli

May 20, 2020

The illustrated imagery of Melania Branca at the time of the Coronavirus

The new appointment of The illustrations of

Seize elements of everyday life and combine them in a delicate but unexpected way, creating surprising dream worlds. Hold together the extremes, already in the stretch, digital, but extremely personal and light.

This is how the work of Melania Branca, a young graphic designer specialising in digital illustration, came to life. She joined our Gruppo Editoriale team just over a year ago.
And so, how can we not ask her to tell us her vision of what is happening to us in this very unusual period?

Melania Branca, "open minded"

Open minded, that's the title of the illustration you've created for us, your colleagues and friends in Florence made in Tuscany: "the boundaries that are imposed on us or that we impose on ourselves are all unstable limits that our mind can cross. Especially in this historical period in which each one of us remained closed to our own home, being able to keep our minds open was the most important thing to feel close to others, to express ourselves, to reinvent ourselves and live with our bodies within four walls, but with our thoughts wherever we wanted to go. My desire is that open-mindedness be the protagonist also in this phase of reopening that accompanies us towards a new renewed normality".

the reinterpretation of the signs of the zodiac by Melania Branca for the horoscope of the magazine Lungarno

Graduated in art graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Reggio Calabria, her hometown, Melania Branca then decided to move to Florence to continue her studies, specializing in graphics for communication at the IED, European Institute of Design.

Her experience in the dynamic environment of the IED and her predilection for printed paper, derived from classical studies and love of literature, soon brought her into the publishing world.

her are dreamlike worlds, but linked to everyday life

Since childhood she has always had a passion for drawing and her choice to express herself through digital illustrations allows her to combine her creative and rational side, composing surreal atmospheres, but always linked to the communication of everyday or current experiences.

Melania Branca, "Fashion in the Future"

As seen also in Fashion in the Future, illustration with which she won the first prize at the international competition Posterheroes 2018. The reflection on a possible future characterized by pollution, in which gas masks become grotesque fashion accessories of the autumn-winter 2108 collection.

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