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Marco Milanesi detail

text: Virginia Mammoli

April 10, 2020

The illustrated imagery of Marco Milanesi in the days of the Coronavirus

The second author's drawing of The illustrations of

Marco Milanesi, born in 1960, is an illustrator and cartoonist from Prato. He drew and sketched since childhood, with a particular preference for white walls that he filled with improbable drawings.

The drawing that Marco Milanesi realized for us on the theme of resilience in florence

We find the same immaculate background in the illustration he made for us at Firenze Made in Tuscany, which tells of these strange days, where conviviality, in some way, does not fail.

marco milanesi is also a brilliant cartoonist

He has never made specific artistic studies, but he has acquired a style of his own. Fresh, both in the stroke and in the use of color, when he decides that his works will be married there.

daily life, but also dreamlike moments

He has recently illustrated some books. For the author Sara Passi Tonino and her star and Una magia bella e buona. Then it was the turn of Two incredible Christmas stories, by the writer Loredana Limone. Finally the meeting with one of the greatest experts in jewellery, the Italian-American Patrizia Di Carrobio for whom she illustrated the book Una vita a gioiello.

the illustrator from Prato has devoted many works to his beloved jazz

In addition to pencils and sheets of paper, he feeds on jazz and has drawn a lot around this musical universe, for him, a true vital universe. So much so that in 2017 he exhibited 26 drawings on Jazz as part of the Jazz festival at the Metastasio Theatre in Prato. And for some years now he has been making posters for the ancient music festival organized by the girls of the Mesotonica association, while last year he collaborated with the orchestra of the Camerata Strumentale city of Prato.

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