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April 20, 2020

The Readings of with Luca Ricci

Irreverent, lucid, sharp: from his novel "Gli Estivi" a story by the Pisan writer

"For the love of paradox": this is how Luca Ricci introduces us to the short Christmas story based on his novel Gli Estivi. And just as in a perfect paradox, the indolence and boredom of the world that Luca describes in his text, a world where you don't work anymore, where you don't go to school, where you only expect a ghostly Santa Claus who goes through the seasons undaunted, seem to be what we are living in our present. A present, let us say, paradoxical more than anything else. Only we're not waiting for Santa Claus...

Luca Ricci, Tuscan writer and playwright, is one of the most interesting authors on the Italian scene. 

Gli Estivi by Luca Ricci

His writing, far from moralism and happy endings, neither reassures nor welcomes the reader: it is a lucid approach, sometimes sharp, always without emphasis on reality. After Gli Autunnali (La nave di Teseo 2018), a novel about the subtle difference between love and love obsession, Gli Estivi (La nave di Teseo 2020) is the story of a mature writer who falls in love with a girl noticed at a restaurant table while having dinner with his wife. Yet another love obsession that will last 15 summers. Also in 2018 with La nave di Teseo comes out Trascurate Milano, a long story set during Christmas that takes us inside the love story between a man and a little girl as an antidote to the evil of living and existential boredom.  

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