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May 24, 2022

Estate Fiorentina 2022 pays homage to Erriquez of Bandabardò

From June 1 to September 30 many literary events and 15 major festivals will animate the city

Record budget that rises up to almost 1.7 million euros, the tribute to Enrico Greppi aka Erriquez, focus on books and literature, and then the return of the 15 major festivals, a review of the Eighties. These are the salient features of the Estate Fiorentina 2022.

The 2022 edition of the Summer will take place from June 1 to September 30 and will be dedicated to Enrico Greppi, aka Erriquez, Florentine singer-songwriter and musician co-founder of the musical group Bandabardò, who died prematurely on February 14, 2021: taking up a verse of the artist, the Summer will be entitled "Tre passi avanti..." and the inaugural concert of the festival will be dedicated to him, with the involvement of the components of Bandabardò and national and/or international artists who intend to pay tribute to him.


"We are very proud - said the mayor Dario Nardella - that an event like this has been so consolidated over the years and has managed to become known and appreciated even outside the borders of Florence."

Widespread cultural and artistic events with free admission; widespread cultural and artistic events with paid admission; and three major thematic events with free admission. In addition to the already mentioned inaugural concert for Erriquez, there is also a review dedicated to the Eighties, with a series of cultural and artistic events able to recreate atmospheres and suggestions of new wave music and to remember the creativity of that decade that involved various artistic expressions (theater, fashion, photography, art), and the project "Literature 1922-2022" conceived on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of the birth of six of the greatest writers and intellectuals of the Italian twentieth century, born in 1922: Luigi Meneghello, Beppe Fenoglio, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Raffaele La Capria, Giorgio Manganelli and Luciano Bianciardi, with a series of events such as literary meetings, lectio magistralis, readings, performances, musical concerts and artistic collateral events in order to transmit with contemporary languages this literary legacy to the new generations.

Estate fiorentina piazzale Michelangelo

In addition, there will be a review dedicated to the promotion of reading organized by the Directorate of Culture and called 'The squares of the books' that will involve the Florentine libraries in meetings and debates in various places in the city.

Then the usual 15 major festivals, already selected and running through 2023, will return: Florence Jazz Festival (Sept. 14-18); Secret Florence (June 4-15), Apriti cinema (June 27-Aug. 7); Genius Loci (Sept. 22-24); Florence from above (June 30-Sept. 29); Musart (July 13-26); Florence Dance Festival (June 22-July 24); Concerts on the Parvises; The City of Readers (June 9-12); Festival au Désert (September 21-23); Lattexplus (June 30-July 3); Copula mundi (September 16-18); Florence Folk Festival (July 21-23); Italian Brass week (July 24-30); Cirk Fantastik (September 8-18).

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