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April 15, 2024

True Made in Italy

Guides and books on 'tailor-made' published by Publishing Group

The concept of Made in Italy is now a common element in our language, a phrase that evokes excellence and quality. But more than anything, Made in Italy tells a story. It is a tale of passion and craftsmanship, a unique experience in the fashion world where creative talent is transformed into an industry of colossal dimensions.

Our publishing house Gruppo Editoriale has always been committed to the enhancement of high Italian craftsmanship and Made in Italy, and on the occasion of the National Made in Italy Day, dedicated to the promotion of Italian creativity and excellence, which is celebrated on April 15, we would like to remind you of the rich series of collectible coffee table books, dedicated to historical photographic archives, artists and stories never told before. Publications include Fashion in Florence through the lens of Archivio Foto Locchi, The Elegance of Speed, G.B. Giorgini and the Origins of Made in Italy, the first book on the history of the father of Italian fashion, The King of the color, on the life of Enrico Coveri, and many others.

G.B. Giorgini and the Origins of Made in Italy, edito da Gruppo Editoriale

On the website you can also browse through the special tailor-made series. Four guides with an elegant pocket format and in dual Italian/English language, which through stories and unpublished images accompany the discovery of the artisan excellence of the most important Italian cities of art, cradles of the great craftsmen who have made Italy unique and who still live today in precious workshops, creative ateliers and artisan factories, temples of the most refined made in Italy. Thus were born Firenze su misura, Venezia su misura e Napoli su misura, until Italia su misura, the guide that encompasses 100 of the best master craftsmen from all over Italy.


Gruppo Editoriale has always been an advocate of Made in Italy also through its lifestyle and local culture publications, aimed at a high-profile tourist audience and distributed in Italy's great art cities-such as Florence, Rome, Milan, Venice, Capri, Cortina, Riccione and Sicily-and international metropolises such as Dubai. Magazines of international scope brought together in the Italia Experiences series, which recounts these extraordinary cities from an unprecedented, authentic and exclusive perspective, through the eyes of great photographers and personalities from the worlds of entertainment and art.

Just within the pages of these magazines, you will find our journeys inside great companies such as Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Ferragamo, Cavalli, Stefano Ricci and other great brands that have brought high Italian craftsmanship to the world.

Artisan production in the Gucci workshops

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