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dolce&gabbana cover

Marta Innocenti Ciulli
photo cover: Alessandro Bencini

May 25, 2020

Dolce&Gabbana. The power of creativity

Fifth appointment with the shots selected from the shots published on Firenze Made in Tuscany. It is dedicated to another maison that has made our made in Italy great

The Italian women of those eighties, broad-shouldered managers and men's jackets, were missing those little dresses and petticoats that made the history of Magnani and Loren. Black, with the adaptable bra straps, the deep neckline that highlighted the dividing line that separated one breast from the other and descended to the waist wrapping it and tightening it at the hips making them waves of a slow and sensual movement that never stops, and imprisoning the eyes of the beholder.

N.35 A/W 2015-16 Alessandro Bencini

Fiery and severe, God-fearing women of Sicily, Santuzze with black, opaque and heavy stockings, rosaries worn around the neck, shawls tightened fast around the breast with long dancing fringes, almost joyful.

N.36 A/W 2015-16 Alessandro Bencini

That lightning bolt of lightning that was clearly detached from the fashion scene was the fortune of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana the two friends met by chance, shamelessly determined to break into the selective and complicated world of fashion.

N.37 S/S 2016 Andrea Varani

It was Beppe Modenese, a long-eyed man, who invited them to the fashion shows in the Milan Collections New Talents section and their seductive woman, with so much glamour and realism, has been strong and alive ever since.

N.38 S/S 2016 Ruggero Lupo Mengoni

And they have never thought of themselves as divided. Domenico Dolce grew up in Polizzi Generosa, in the province of Palermo, his father has a tailor's shop and he spends his days there since he was a child, but he dreams of studying fashion in Milan.

N.39 A/W2016-17 Marco Lanza

Stefano Gabbana from Milan, studied graphic design and works in a fashion company. Their first meeting takes place by phone, when Dolce calls looking for a job. The first collection parades in 1985, it will be the fourth to have a significant impact on the press and the Italian market.

N.41 S/S 2017 Sara Mautone

Ferdinando Scianna was the author of those images in the first catalogue in a raw black/white still hard to forget: the beautiful Marpessa, model from Amsterdam but with typical southern features, portrayed in the roasted streets of a deserted Caltagirone.

N.42 S/S 2017 Sara Mautone

Others of the great masters of photography followed and gave a precise imprint to their fashion: Ferri, Meisel, Lindbergh, Newton. The road was now all downhill, the line of linen and beachwear was born.

N.43 A/W 2017-18 Alessandro Bencini

In 1990 the first men's collection. The international uproar came with the friendship with Madonna who declared a true passion for Dolce&Gabbana, so much so that she asked them to design 1500 costumes for the Girlie Show tour in '93.

N.48 A/W2018-18 Alessandro Bencini

In '94 the D&G collection was born, a few years after the D&G Junior and in 2002 the line for children presented at Pitti Bimbo in Florence. But the dream and the real passion was to work on a tailor's shop that has no hurry, unique pieces made on purpose, pure creativity.

N.52 A/W2018-20 Alessandro Bencini

The birth of haute couture for men and haute couture for women are the stories to tell. The two couturiers over time have shown a great love for tailoring, craftsmanship and tradition adding passion, energy, poetry and creativity.

N.54S/S 2020 Alessandro Bencini

Their obsession is to transfer to the new generations the love of the heritage of quality made in Italy, synonymous of guarantee. The latest Dolce&Gabbana Haute Couture collection was presented, together with Alta Gioielleria, at the Teatro della Scala in Milan on December 6th. Collections made to fulfill the desires of very few elected representatives. Beyond the frontiers of luxury.

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