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Vittoria Puccini
July 5, 2021

Festivaldera 2021: from Vittoria Puccini to Toni Servillo

Between Pontedera and Peccioli goes on stage the theater of the great stars from 27 June to 12 July

Luca Zingaretti, Vittoria Puccini, Fabrizio Gifuni, Marco D'Amore, Toni Servillo, are the protagonists from June 27 to July 12 of FestiValdera 2021, now in its third edition, which takes place between the Teatro Era in Pontedera, the Amphitheater Fonte Mazzola in Peccioli and the Amphitheater Triangolo Verde in Legoli.

FestiValdera ph. Elektro Domestik V. Marrucci

All the shows on the bill are original productions of the Fondazione Teatro della Toscana with the dramaturgy of Michele Santeramo, the music of Marco Zurzolo, the artistic direction and direction of Marco D'Amore.

Vittoria Puccini brings to the stage of the Amphitheater Fonte Mazzola in Peccioli the national premiere of the monologue Greta. Greta is Salvo's mother. She has been wondering for some time if she is really a mother forever. Or if instead she has to prove to herself to be one every day. Sometimes solitude is the only company one needs. Greta needs to think about herself, to find, somewhere hidden, the innocence of light-heartedness, the desire to say she is still alive. 

After Vittoria Puccini, in the spaces of the Amphitheater Fonte Mazzola is the turn of Marco D'Amore in Salvo on July 8. Grand finale at the Amphitheater of the Green Triangle in Legoli with Toni Servillo in Candido on July 12.

Toni Servillo ph. Monica Silva

All the unmissable dates:
June 27 - opening of the festival with Luca Zingaretti in Angelo - Teatro Era of Pontedera
June 30 - Fabrizio Gifuni with Italo - Era Theater of Pontedera
July 5 - Vittoria Puccini with Greta - 11Lune in Peccioli, Amphitheater Source Mazzola
8 July - Marco D'Amore with Salvo - 11Lune in Peccioli, Amphitheatre Fonte Mazzola
July 12 - closing of the festival with Toni Servillo in Candido - 11Lune in Peccioli, Anfiteatro del Triangolo Verde a Legoli

Luca ZingarettiFabrizio Gifuni ph. Mimmo Frassineti

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