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Il Cammino del verde ph Punti di Bianco

text Martina Olivieri
photo Punti di Bianco

September 17, 2021

G20 Agriculture in Florence, a green installation colors Piazza Duomo

Until September 20 a green path against the risk of desertification of our cities due to climate change

Important days for Florence, which in these days - until September 18 - hosts the G20 Agriculture. The international forum that brings together the major economies of the world this year makes a stop in the city lily and puts at the center of the discussion the word sustainability, the protection of resources and biodiversity and also the new emergencies born with the pandemic.

Il Cammino del verde ph Punti di Bianco

Florence has prepared in the best possible way to welcome the summit with various events scattered throughout the city. In Piazza Duomo there is a green installation symbol of the great beauty of the Italian agricultural landscape, but also of the risk of transformation and desertification that looms over it due to climate change, in a symbolic passage from the 'circle of the present' to the 'circle of the future'. This is 'Il cammino del verde', a green path composed of iconic plants of the Italian landscape and garden and plants of arid climates.

Il Cammino del verde ph Punti di Bianco

The circle of the present evokes the Tuscan rural landscape, with the typical roccolo, formed here by 20 cypresses (one for each village) surrounded by vines, and in the center a large olive tree, symbol of peace between peoples. In Piazza San Giovanni, near the column of San Zanobi, the circle of the future refers to a landscape transformed by the process of desertification, with a flowerbed of sand, palm trees and plants of subarid and arid climates.

The project is promoted by the Municipality of Florence and the Region of Tuscany with the contribution of Crédit Agricole Italia; and is the result of a design idea of Studio Bellesi Giuntoli with an installation by the Distretto vivaistico and the Associazione vivaisti italiani and the realization of 'L'arte del giardino'

Il Cammino del verde ph Punti di Bianco

"An installation that speaks more than many appeals and that before our eyes clearly shows us the road to take and the risks that we must avoid - said Vice President and Councillor for Agriculture and Food Stefania Saccardi - On the one hand the beauty of the Tuscan agricultural landscape, on the other what could happen due to climate change. Instead of olive trees and vines, palm trees and sand. A warning. Today the challenge is to practice an agriculture that not only feeds humanity, but also takes care of the planet".

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