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Roberto Patella, Flowers with Vase
May 26, 2023

Gallery Hotel Art in Florence hosts the exhibition The volatily of being by Roberto Patella

At the Lungarno Collection hotel, contemporary photography tells the story of the fragile beauty of nature and the body

The beautiful spaces of the Gallery Hotel Art once again open their doors to art with the exhibition The volatily of being. A selection of Roberto Patella's photographic works curated by Valentina Ciarallo, from a project by Mario Rescio, WiB Milano that enriches the range of collaborations that the well-known hotel of the Lungarno Collection group has been carrying out since 2012, creating a connection between contemporary art, Florentines and its guests.

Roberto Patella, Freesia

Vivid colours but also black and white. Bodies together with still lifes. Saturated images and close-up details. These are the hallmarks of Roberto Patella's photography, which builds stories through a mosaic of pieces in which each image explores a new, intimate universe. In each shot emerges the experience of the artist, who perceives art as a way of searching himself and fully understanding the human condition.

Roberto Patella, Christine

Patella makes his debut with a number of self-portraits: an introspective search for his innermost self through the figures of his loved ones or people he encounters randomly in his daily life. It is the simple and common forms that become the favourite subjects of her investigation: the withered stem of a flower, a glass, the fold of a sheet of paper.

In Serruria Florida (blushing bride), the fragility and beauty of nature are reflected in the fragmented bodies portrayed, such as that of Christine, whose vibrant, ethereal colours become a manifesto of carnal sensuality. Patella's sculptural nudes are at once earthly and ecstatic; the complexity of nature, human and otherwise, in works such as Gregorio and Untitled is concealed in the reverberations of light and soft chiaroscuro that reveal new visions.

Roberto Patella, Serruria florida

The artist immortalises vivid moments such as the image of a solitary flower that sequentially marks time with its transience, while masked faces like fetishes propose a double identity. Hers is a photograph of interior research where images, perceptible and otherwise, acquire the flavour of a contemporary experience.

The volatily of being
Firenze, Gallery Hotel Art (Vicolo dell'Oro, 5)
from 25 May 2023
Free Entrance

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