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Cala Violina
July 12, 2024

The most beautiful beaches in Tuscany

Our ultimate guide to enjoying the beauty of an incredible sea along the coast and on the islands

Tuscany has a dream sea, with long and spacious beaches, but also hidden coves waiting to be discovered. Let's discover together, from south to north, the most beautiful corners of the Tuscan coast.


Originating as an island and then joined to the mainland through the action of sea currents, Argentario is a promontory of volcanic origin located in the province of Grosseto that has the appearance of a small paradise. It is characterised by splendid clear waters, sandy or pebble beaches and magnificent cliffs, but what best describes the spirit of this incredible territory is the great respect for nature that historically characterises its population, to the point that the first WWF oasis in Italy was born right here, in the Orbetello Lagoon. Besides the beauties of nature, there are of course also those created by the hand of man: Porto Santo Stefano and its waterfront, a destination for elite tourism, are a real gem. From the harbour you can also take a boat to the beautiful islands of Giannutri and Giglio. A stroll through the narrow streets and the many small squares of Porto Ercole Vecchia is a truly immersive and characteristic experience! But also a trip to Ansedonia, a small village that still houses the ruins of the lost Roman city of Cosa, which fell into disgrace for taking the wrong side in the war between Sulla and Marius. The entire promontory is traversed by a panoramic road that we strongly recommend you take to enjoy a unique and as complete a view of the area as possible. On the slopes of Monte Argentario there are many bays and coves of malignant beauty, often only accessible by sea or through somewhat impervious paths, others easily accessible by land and well equipped but always stupendous.

    A sandy shore of small pebbles forms one of the most beautiful beaches on the promontory, and the views along the challenging path already repay the effort.

    An expanse of sand between the sea and the pine forest, protected and criss-crossed by cycle paths. Peace and relaxation can be achieved by moving away from the car parks.

If you want to learn more, you can find our article on the most beautiful beaches in Argentario here.

Cala del gesso


Situated between the provinces of Livorno and Grosseto, the Maremma region is one of the most evocative in Tuscany. Here, the real protagonist is nature in all its facets: from the sea to the mountains, from the herds of Chianina cattle grazing freely in the green of its Natural Park to those accompanied in the pasture by the butteri, the Maremman horse breeders. The air one breathes in the Maremma has the ancient perfume of things made calmly and simply, with total respect for the land and its inhabitants, like the extra virgin olive oil from its hills, or the Morellino produced in Scansano or the Bianco di Pitigliano. Such a rich territory cannot but have a great history behind it, as witnessed by the surroundings of the city of Grosseto, a treasure trove of splendid historical testimonies including, one above all, the Etruscan city of Roselle or that, further south, of Pitigliano, a small town perched on a tuff cliff that is a real gem not to be missed. Then there is the beautiful Capalbio, a small but lively village that still preserves numerous testimonies of its origins. Nearby is the beautiful and evocative Tarot Garden, an incredible work of art created by Niki de Saint de Phalle in the wake of Gaudì's Guell Park in Barcelona. In addition to history and tradition, there is also a beautiful sea: the waters are crystal-clear everywhere, surrounded by golden sands or rocks, such as the black ones of Talamone, which are peculiar and very suggestive. A must-see, perhaps if you come to the Maremma in winter or on a cooler summer's day, is the Terme di Saturnia, beautiful thermal baths of natural origin where the water gushes out from the bowels of the earth at a temperature of 37 degrees!

    It is easy to fall in love with this green-fringed beach, its fine sand and crystal-clear sea, and the walking distance does not deter many visitors.

    Fine sand and blue sea for stretches with private establishments, but also small coves for diving along the promontory that closes the beach to the north.

    Protected by strict land access regulations, it is the brightest gem of the Maremma Regional Park. In the municipality of Magliano in Toscana.

If you want to discover in detail, all the most beautiful beaches in this area, click here! While here the best restaurants where to eat by the sea! You can find the article on the most beautiful villages in the Maremma here, and where to eat in the inland villages here. For a complete tour of the area, we advise you not to miss our suggestions.

Le Rocchette

For those who want to discover the true soul of the Tuscan Maremma, we recommend this book, which is a journey inside a land as authentic as it is little known, where the sea blends with a still wild nature and characteristic stone villages perched on the hills.

Libro Maremma Toscana



The protagonist of many works by the Macchiaioli, who had founded the Castiglioncello School here, the set of numerous films that brought it to the headlines, one of which was Dino Risi's Il Sorpasso, Castiglioncello has been a prestigious tourist resort for more than fifty years. This splendid stretch of sea in the province of Livorno offers various possibilities to choose from, whether you prefer rocks or large expanses of sand, in any case you can bathe in clear waters and if you are a sports lover, there is no shortage of opportunities for fun here: the rich seabed that characterises its waters is an attraction for many snorkelling and diving enthusiasts, while the more open beaches, more affected by the winds, are the ideal destination for sailing and windsurfing enthusiasts. Below is a list of the most beautiful beaches on this tongue of Tuscan land known as the Etruscan Coast.

Looking for the best restaurants in the area? You will find them here!

    The tower of the same name marks the reef just south of Livorno, under the Aurelia bridge: a beautiful sea, a classic divers' destination, awaits those who face the descent to the rocks and the pebbly shore.

    A small place full of beauty: if you like rocks and are not afraid of short, uneven paths to walk, you can go to the Fortullino beach, to Punta Righini, or to I Pungenti, the charming beach almost in the centre of the village. If you like comfort and sand, go instead to Baia del Quercetano, La Caletta, or Crepatura.

    South of San Vincenzo, a very long deep coastline enclosed by dunes and wild pine forests, with access (numbered) even from a cycle path

    A long beach with a magnificent backdrop of centuries-old pines behind it, sand burnished by ancient iron remnants, and clear, warm waters due to shallow waters: an icon of the Tuscan sea at its best.

    A kilometre-long beach of fine, clear sand and transparent water, with the pleasure of shade and facilities in the pine forest behind. The crescent-shaped shoreline is divided between lidos and large free stretches.

la costa livornese


When one speaks of Versilia, one speaks of sea, fun, fashion and, of course, landscape! More than twenty kilometres of sandy coastline, natural parks and enchanting medieval villages, all framed by the majestic Apuan Alps, Versilia is all this and much more. Famous not only for its scenic and architectural beauties, one above all Pietrasanta, the little Italian Athens, but above all for the many opportunities for entertainment it offers, this thriving tongue of Tuscan land has for more than fifty years been a favourite destination for the most glamorous summer tourism, both Italian and foreign. In fact, there are many clubs, discos and bars that have made history in this area, such as La Capannina di Franceschi in Forte dei Marmi, which has always been a hotbed of big names in Italian entertainment. As for the day at the seaside, all along the Versilia coast, you will find bathing establishments equipped to satisfy everyone's tastes and needs. In particular, those in Forte dei Marmi, frequented by well-known faces from show business, the cinema and politics, are characterised by large, elegant tents and iconic, picturesque cabins that have become a symbol of Versilia's summer rhythms.

Here you can find the most beautiful beach club in Forte dei Marmi, here the best restaurants where you can eat by the sea, and here the cult dishes to taste, while if you are looking for the best aperitif in the area, click here! If, on the other hand, you want to relax inland, find the most beautiful villages around Versilia here, and our tour of Pietrasanta here.

bagno alpemare forte dei marmi


Legend has it that Venus, the goddess of beauty, in emerging from the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, lost her necklace that was composed of seven pearls and that these ended up in the sea, thus forming the seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago: Elba, Giglio, Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giannutri and Gorgona, from the largest to the smallest. Legend aside, which is useful to give an idea of the beauty of this archipelago, the origin of the islands cannot be traced back to a common cause but rather to different geological origins, which is why each one has a different landscape and its own flora and fauna. In all of them, however, one finds a pleasant Mediterranean climate, crystal-clear sea and unspoilt, often wild nature. If Elba, Giglio and Capraia, the largest, are easily reached by ferry from the mainland, for the others the situation is a little more complex. As for Montecristo, a nature reserve, visits are only permitted with special authorisation and fishing, diving and anchoring are prohibited. Pianosa, on the other hand, has been visitable since 1999, when the maximum security prison on this island was closed. It too is a nature reserve and therefore visits are limited (max. 250 people per day). Giannutri can be visited although it is protected both on land and at sea and can be reached by ferry from Porto Santo Stefano. Lastly, Gorgona, known for its medieval monastery that has now become an agricultural penal colony, can be visited by booking from Livorno.

If you would like to discover all the most beautiful beaches on the Tuscan islands, click here; while here you will find restaurants where you can stop for a tasty lunch or dinner.


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