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October 28, 2020

Stefano Accorsi: la Pergola e il Teatro della Toscana non si fermano

Grandi spettacoli, prove aperte e laboratori. Un 2021 che si preannuncia imperdibile

"The theaters were the first to close and as we see they will be the last to reopen, difficult to say when. Closing a theater from an ethical point of view is a strong thing: now, in a time of great crisis like this, the priority is the workers and the opening of an institutional dialogue". Word of Stefano Accorsi, Speaker in Florence for the press conference following the announcement of the closure of the Theaters until November 24 as indicated by the last dpcm.

The new artistic director of the Teatro della Toscana with President Tommaso Sacchi and General Manager Marco Giorgetti, does not renounce to stop the activities of Teatro della Pergola, Teatro Studio di Scandicci and Era di Pontedera. Inspired by the manifesto of the Théatre de la Ville in Paris, they "keep their word" through their relationship with national and international theaters, and the artists who share the projects.
The work of the artistic and technical writers will continue, therefore, the activities on the web will mainly document what will happen in the theater.

The Teatro della Pergola will live from the rehearsals of The Dubliners, which was supposed to inaugurate the new season 2020/2021, and Civil War, both directed by Giancarlo Sepe for his workshop, in synergy with Teatro La Comunità, and which will make their debut at the time of reopening as will continue the activities of schools such as Oltrarno di Favino and the activities related to our Laboratory of Art of the Pergola, a national excellence".
And at the Teatro Era Stefano Accorsi will work on his new show, Storia di uno scritto da Lucia Calamaro, following a renewed and strengthened line of civil theater.
Immediately they will resume the Poetic Consultations over the phone, realized with the Théâtre de la Ville by the Grande Troupe de l'Imaginaire ensemble directed by Emmanuel Demarcy-Mota, which involves 7 actors, with an artistic body of 97 people, including actors, scientists, musicians and dancers and will also expand to a musical version.
In all the spaces continues the activity dedicated to the world of school, with the workshops of Venti Lucenti and with the reception of the lessons of the Institute Centro Storico Pestalozzi alla Pergola.

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