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Atrium Bar, Four Seasons Florence

text Martina Olivieri
photo Andrea Dughetti

April 11, 2024

The best Club Sandwich in Florence

The addresses where to taste the most famous stuffed sandwich in the world

Its origins are American, but by now the Club Sandwich is the most loved and appreciated sandwich all over the world. There are many versions of it, from the classic to the more gourmet, and it is perfect for a casual lunch or a fancier aperitif. Thanks to the event organized by Davide Paolini, Gianni Mercatali and Gruppo Editoriale that was held at Palazzo Portinari Salviati during Fuori di Taste, Florence cannot resist Club Sandwich Mania. If you too want to find out where to taste the best ones, come along!

Atrium Bar (Four Seasons Hotel Firenze)
Borgo Pinti, 99
ph. +39 055 26261

A place to be with an international mood, the iconic Atrium Bar at the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is the right address to try chef Paolo Lavezzini's special Seafood Club Sandwich, made with grilled octopus, sliced smoked salmon bacon and lumpfish roe. To be served strictly together with hot fries and a pinch of salt.

Atrium Bar, Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Irene Bistrò (Hotel Savoy)
Piazza della Repubblica, 7
ph. +39 055 2735891

Authentic dishes that pay homage to regional ingredients. This is the common thread of Irene Bistrò's menu, and the Club Sandwich is certainly no exception. A true delicacy, served in its most classic and mouth-watering version, whose peculiarity lies mainly in the products used for its preparation and the way they are mixed. A recipe signed Fulvio Pierangelini, executed to perfection by Head Chef Giovanni Cosmai and the kitchen brigade.

Irene Bistrò, Hotel Savoy

Atto di Vito Mollica (Palazzo Portinari Salviati)
Via del Corso, 6
ph. +39 055 5353555

Set in the marvelous Palazzo Portinari Salviati, inside the frescoed Emperors' Court, Atto di Vito Mollica is Vito Mollica's gourmet restaurant offering an a la carte menu with two tasting menus. Also inside Palazzo Portinari is Bistrot, a restaurant with cafeteria perfect for sampling the chef's mouth-watering club sandwich made with 3 slices of pan brioche, chicken, bacon, tomatoes, mayonnaise, romaine lettuce and eggs.

Atto di Vito Mollica, Palazzo Portinari Salviati)

Picteau Bistrot & Cocktail Bar (Hotel Lungarno)
Borgo San Jacopo, 14
ph. +39 055 27264996

A few tables to enjoy a unique view of Ponte Vecchio and the Arno River, to be admired just as if you were on a boat. Picteau is a salon beloved by foreigners and Florentines who can enjoy a fabulous Club Sandwich here. Chef Claudio Mengoni's recipe is classic but with attention to detail: 3 slices of white bread, chicken breast, bacon, egg, tomato, mayonnaise and plenty of romaine lettuce, strictly accompanied by crispy French fries.

Picteau Bistrot & Cocktail Bar, Hotel Lungarno

Cibrèo Ristorante & Cocktail Bar (Helvetia & Bristol Firenze, Starhotels Collezione)
Via dei Pescioni, 2
ph. +39 055 26651

Impossible to talk about Club Sandwiches and not mention Cibrèo's iconic one. To prepare the dish, chef Oscar Severini toasts three slices of Pane Santo, spreads them with Dijon mustard, finely chops roast beef and dunks it in Picchi's Elegant Sauce. He then lays a slice of romaine lettuce on top of the bread, and serves French fries, mayonnaise and the Ikkeciappe from Cibrèo as a side dish. Enjoy it in the modern, cozy interior or in the elegant outdoor seating area.

Cibrèo Ristorante & Cocktail Bar, Helvetia & Bristol Firenze Starhotels Collezione

Sesto on Arno (Westin Excelsior, Florence)
Piazza Ognissanti, 3
ph. +39 055 27152783

A spectacular rooftop bar and restaurant with breathtaking views of the city that can be enjoyed both from inside through large windows and from the large terrace, Sesto on Arno offers a range of tasty sandwiches, including the mouthwatering Avocado Sandwich. Chef Marco Migliorati makes it with cereal cassette bread, arugula, avocado, shallots, tomato, smoked salmon and egg, accompanied by seasoned misticanza, French fries, ketchup and lime mayonnaise.

Sesto on Arno, Westin Excelsior Florence

Winter Garden Restaurant (The St. Regis Florence)
Piazza Ognissanti, 1
ph. +39 055 27163770

Located on the banks of the Arno River and overlooking the Ponte Vecchio and the picturesque hills of Tuscany, The St. Regis Florence is a symbol of elegance and refined hospitality. Here, local flavors blend into Tuscan gourmet cuisine and beyond! Gentian Shehi's Club Sandwich, in fact, is an homage to Salento and is made with 100% Senatore Cappelli durum wheat semolina bread cassette, grilled octopus, burrata cheese, confit tomatoes, octopus mayonnaise, turnip greens and cuttlefish veil.

Winter Garden Restaurant, The St. Regis Florence

Ristorante Le Bistrot (Villa Cora)
Viale Machiavelli, 18
ph. +39 055 228790

The Club Sandwich is a must-have at Villa Cora's Le Bistrot restaurant, where chef Alessandro Liberatore offers it in a classic version. It is made with toasted cassette bread, grilled chicken breast and bacon passed through the oven to make it crispy, julienne-cut salad, tomato, hard-boiled egg and freshly prepared mayonnaise. As a side dish, the classic French fries.

Ristorante Le Bistrot, Villa Cora

Il Verrocchio e L'Oliveto Bistrot (Villa la Massa)
Via della Massa, 24
ph. +39 055 62611

A delicious VLM Club Sandwich by Chef Stefano Ballarino to be enjoyed at L'Oliveto, the bistro face of Villa La Massa's dining experience, or at Il Verrocchio, the hotel's exclusive restaurant with a wonderful terrace overlooking the Arno River. What awaits you. Three layers of Montespertoli bread with chicken, eggs, escarole salad, ribbed Florentine tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Il Verrocchio e L'Oliveto Bistrot, Villa la Massa

Giacomo al Salviatino
Via del Salviatino, 21 - Fiesole
ph. +39 055 9041111

A Club Sandwich with a panoramic view of the city. This is the gastronomic experience you can have at Da Giacomo al Salviatino. Here, chef Rudy Saderi is ready to give you a taste of Giacomo's mouth-watering Club Sandwich, prepared with cassette bread, lettuce, coppery tomato, mayonnaise, eggs, bacon, turkey, sage, thyme, rosemary, potatoes and maldon salt.

Giacomo al Salviatino

Harry's Bar Firenze 1953 (Sina Villa Medici)
Via Il Prato 42
ph. +39 055 2771704

A name that needs no introduction: Harry's Bar evokes everywhere an inimitable style, refined service and a gastronomic proposal of the highest level. In Florence, in the beautiful spaces of Sina Villa Medici, it is even more special to enjoy a Harry's fifty-three Club Sandwich by chef Mirko Cesari. The ingredients? 4 slices of curry-flavored American sandwich bread, Marie-rose sauce, Argentine prawns, gentile salad, celery, and panko bread. Served warm with fried potato sticks accompanied by mango mayonnaise and ketchup sauce.

Harry's Bar Firenze 1953, Sina Villa Medici

Osteria Pagliazza & Tower Bar (Brunelleschi Hotel)
Piazza Santa Elisabetta, 3
ph. +39 055 2737673

2-Michelin-starred chef Rocco De Santis of the historic and elegant Brunelleschi Hotel is a big fan of the Club Sandwich. To make it he uses MAXI cassette bread, romaine lettuce, mayonnaise, tomatoes, herbed chicken breast, crispy bacon and fried egg. As a side dish, of course, fried potatoes.

Osteria Pagliazza & Tower Bar, Brunelleschi Hotel

Saporium Firenze (Borgo Santo Pietro)
Lungarno Benvenuto Cellini, 69r
ph. +39 055 212933

A Club Sandwich like you've never seen from Chef Ariel Hagen of Saporium, who has come up with an innovative Stuffed Quail-Mimosa Club Sandwich for his guests, with toast bread, chestnut-stuffed quail and mimosa cream. And as a side dish delicious pommes dauphine!

Saporium Firenze, Borgo Santo Pietro

Relais Le Jardin Restaurant (Hotel Regency)
Piazza Massimo D'Azeglio, 3
ph. +39 055 245247

The gourmet-style Relais Le Jardin restaurant at the Regency Hotel offers dishes masterfully prepared by chef Claudio Lopopolo, who combines tradition and creativity in every course. His Love Club Sandwich is prepared with pancarrè, lime mayonnaise, orange juice, Mazara del Vallo red shrimp, radishes, goat cheese, cream, fresh spinach and date tomatoes. Always accompanied by beet chips.

Relais Le Jardin Restaurant, Hotel Regency

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