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August 2, 2021

The best restaurants on the island of Capraia

Don't miss the places to taste the island's delicacies

The Carabottino
Via De Mari, 28
Tel. 0586 905037
A cuisine based on the catch of the day for a restaurant that is definitely worth a visit. Among the proposals stand out lesser known fish such as sanpietro, barracuda or tombarello in oil production. The location is rustic but decidedly cosy. Dinner is at a fixed price of 39 euro with constantly changing dishes, dictated by the scents of the sea.

il Carabottino

The Pigghiolo
Via Lamberto Cibo
ph: 346 074 4551
Fresh recipes and an authentic atmosphere at Fiaschetteria Il Pigghiolo, where you can taste the best dishes of Capraia cuisine. This is a young location that offers tasty and innovative dishes based on fresh fish, such as squid parmigiana and cod croquettes. Open every day from 09.00 to 15.00 and from 18.00 to 23.00.

Il pigghiolo

Pescianel Capraia Island
Via Assunzione, 5
ph: 331 168 8196

Graphic designer, sommelier, mooring operator. Monika Privitera was born in Germany but spent part of her childhood on the island of Capraia, where she decided to open Pescianel, a little place on the fishermen's quay that sells freshly caught fish, mussels, clams and scampi. At aperitif time it turns into a magical place with island wines, oysters and prawns to enjoy at sunset.  


Restaurant Chèrie
Via Assunzione
ph: 320 424 5876
Chérie is a young restaurant, opened by Giada in 2015, who fell in love with Capraia since she was a child and gave life to Chèrie, a place that reminds of the little house of the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio. A French name that reflects a French structure. Set on two levels, this restaurant is surrounded by greenery and the flowers and colours of the island. The family-run restaurant combines an elegant ambience with home cooking. The star dishes are stuffed squid, seafood risotto and generally fish bought directly from our fishermen as soon as they return to port, cooked with simplicity and enriched with island spices.


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