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Mario Luca Giusti

text Francesca Lombardi

October 4, 2021

The collections of Mario Luca Giusti

The Florentine company that has captivated the world with its colourful practical, elegant design

A colorful, cheerful pop explosion that hits the table, blooms in the garden, stops by the pool or on the deck of a yacht moored off Saint Tropez. These are the collections of Mario Luca Giusti, the Florentine company that has captivated the world with its practical, elegant design objects for the table, with classic shapes revisited in contemporary materials such as acrylic (called, in fact, synthetic crystal) and melamine with which the dishes are made. Behind the brand that bears his name is the creative effervescence of Mario Luca Giusti, who has always been a lover of the delicate union between old and modern, who, when he succeeds, conquers with freshness and fascinates thanks to memory.

The collections of Mario Luca Giusti

What do tradition and innovation represent in your world?

The concept of innovation contains the strength given by tradition. There can be no innovation without having a tradition behind it. It seems like a cliché but history teaches us this.

What is the company’s strong suit?

Ideas, and therefore the human factor. Everything originates there, and everything has an end in the mind of whoever creates and transforms imagination into objects.

Which is your most successful product?

Certainly, the Palla jug, the first one we made, was a great success and made us known. Over time we have developed it in several sizes and more than 20 colors. Its roundness gives it a friendly, cheerful air.

The collections of Mario Luca Giusti

What is in Mario Luca Giusti’s future?

Its’s hard to say - the future is in a few minutes or in 100 years. My future is every day when I get up to go to work and reorganize my ideas.

Your Florence in three places dear to you.

This is a question I should answer when I’m travelling to New York or Hong Kong. I would know exactly what to say because I’m always homesick for my beautiful city so full of inspiration for me.

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