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Niccolò Storai detail

text: Virginia Mammoli

April 16, 2020

The illustrated imagery of Niccolò Storai at the time of the Coronavirus

The third author's drawing of The illustrations of

Niccolò Storai is an author of comics and cartoons from Prato with an eclectic curriculum full of important names.

The "graphonaut", as he defines himself, but in a more than appropriate way. Distinguishing features: strong trait, predilection for the grotesque and the surreal.

resilience in florence according to the gaze and hand of niccolò storai

For us at Firenze Made in Tuscany he created this design in black and white, where, to tell the resilience, he took inspiration from his symbol, the turtle, one of the oldest animals on earth and for this emblem of strength, wisdom and longevity.

Niccolò Storai, Che notte quella notte - Fred Buscaglione una vita swing

His stories have appeared in Heavy Metal (U.S.A), FornoMagazine (Israel), SlowFood, Mono and Up. He has published for Rizzoli Lizard, Mondadori, NicolaPesceEditore, Tunué and Double Shot and edited the volumes Killers and Lucio Fulci-Tribute to the poet of the Macabre, the latter together with Claudio Calia and Massimo Perissinotto. For Kappa Lab Edizioni has published Che notte quella notte, Fred Buscaglione una vita swing, with a preface by Nina Zilli.
He then collaborated with the anthologies Monstars(npe) and SherwoodComix, the latter on texts by Francesco Matteuzzi. As colourist he worked on the series "Il Giornalino della Jungla" by Roberto Totaro, published in the children's magazine "Il Giornalino".

Niccolò Storai plays Joker the movie

In addition to this, he creates storyboards for television film productions and holds drawing, illustration and comics workshops at the Centro per l'Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci and the Museo di Palazzo Pretorio.

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