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Nuovo Lexus NX


November 29, 2021

The new Lexus NX in preview at BiAuto in Florence

All the news about Lexus's new compact suv model

The wait is over! The new Lexus NX is about to arrive in Florence for a preview at BiAuto. The special occasions are December 2 at BiAuto's Sesto Fiorentino location and December 3 at its Firenze Sud location.

With an eye-catching design, combined with thrilling electrified driving performance, the new NX Hybrid and NX Plug-in Hybrid deliver thrills never before experienced aboard a premium compact SUV. The interior is crafted by Takumi artisans. The choice of materials and quality of finish in the Japanese tradition, blend with the ultimate in technology of the new Lexus Link Pro multimedia system. While the Lexus Safety System+ provides the ultimate in control and protection.

Lexus NX

With 15 years of experience in electrified powertrains, the new NX delivers less fuel consumption, fewer emissions and more environmental protection than gasoline or diesel-powered compact SUVs. The Premium Hybrid version boasts more power and acceleration while remaining class-leading in fuel economy and emissions. The Plug-in version is yet another flagship Lexus Electrified model and sets a new standard for Lexus Electrified powertrains with an impressive range of up to 76 km in zero-emission EV mode and 309 hp.

Nuovo Lexus NX

The latest generation Lexus Safety System+, is like a co-pilot keeping you safe in every driving situation, in city traffic or on the highway, day or night, at intersections, when cornering or overtaking. So advanced is Lexus' level of accident prevention that the technology in its Pre-Collision System - for example - can detect motorcycles by day and pedestrians by night.

Lexus NX

To provide an exhilarating driving experience, maximizing the contact between driver and road through the steering wheel, in the cabin of the new NX arrives a stylistic solution appeared only on the LF-30 concept car that is inspired by the concept of "Tazuna", the Japanese word that indicates the reins with which the jockeys manage to become one with their horses.

Lexus NX

Easy to recharge and exciting to drive, Lexus all-electric cars are a unique and unprecedented combination of performance, driving fun and respect for the environment. Discover it in all its splendor in Florence.


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055 79971

Via G. Ambrosoli 68/70 - 50126
055 79971

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