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Curried prawns with toasted rice and Mango Chutney of Trattoria Cammillo

text Martina Olivieri

May 29, 2022

Trattoria Cammillo's recipe for prawn curry

Let's discover all the secret ingredients of this magical dish served at the historic Florentine trattoria

Trattoria Cammillo’s curried prawns with toasted rice and Mango Chutney are a landmark in the city. They have been serving this evergreen favourite since 1950, when Florence had a large English-speaking community. The dish’s added value is the curry sauce, a culinary preparation that has become an integral part of English cuisine as the influence of the former Indian colony. Trattoria Cammillo’s sauce features a perfect balance of different curry blends, while the mango chutney (another culinary component the British acquired from the former Indian colony) is a special recipe, and the outcome of extensive and thorough research. This dish (also proposed with a chicken variant) has fascinated customers from all over the world for years. It is a real must-try treat in the city.

Mango Chutney from Trattoria Cammillo

Preparation. The recipe is simple; the ingredients are what makes the difference. The prawns must be fresh and large. Each portion requires 120/130 g of shelled prawns tossed in flour and quickly “browned” in a pan with a little oil. Then, for each portion, add a spoonful of yellow curry powder and a glass of fresh milk cream, keeping a low flame until the mixture becomes creamy. Boil the rice in salted water and drain without overcooking, then grease with sunflower oil and place in a baking dish large enough to allow a 2-3 cm thick layer. Oven bake at 200°C to brown the surface. Serve the rice on a flat plate, presenting it as a ‘doughnut’ with the centre filled with prawns and sauce. Accompany it with mango chutney... a genuine treat! What are you waiting for to try it? Whether for a business or leisure lunch, a stop during your cultural visits, or a more intimate dinner, Trattoria Cammillo will welcome you with the style and timeless flavours that have distinguished it for over seventy years.

Trattoria CammilloTrattoria Cammillo

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