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The restaurants not to be missed in Versilia

January 5, 2020

A land of flavours and food traditions to discover

Open your eyes, let your palate be tickled, let your taste buds decide: Versilia at table is a wealth of sea and land flavors that are combined and blended in a delicious gastronomic synthesis. 

Il Piccolo Principe - GH Principe di Piemonte Il Piccolo Principe - GH Principe di Piemonte

Il Piccolo Principe - GH Principe di Piemonte

Delicious dishes exalted by a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere

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La Magnolia - Hotel Byron La Magnolia - Hotel Byron

La Magnolia - Hotel Byron

The Tuscan-Campania fusion dishes by Cristoforo Trapani

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Bistrot Bistrot


A unique experience surrounded by the scent of the sea.

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Lorenzo Lorenzo


A legend, both for Versilia but also for Italy: excellent fish, attentive service and a cellar with more than a thousand labels. His mayonnaise prepared tableside is very famous. One Michelin star.

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Romano Romano


Famous restaurant that celebrated 50 years of activity in 2016 with its Michelin star, the oldest in Versilia. The Franceschini family's cuisine is a concentrate of quality and essentiality. Seafood dishes with intriguing forays into the flavors of the earth.

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Lux Lucis Lux Lucis

Lux Lucis

Highly creative and starry cuisine

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Il Parco di Villa Grey

The location is fabulous, the cuisine as well. The menu features fish specialities created by Michelin star chef Nicola Gronchi. The tables are arranged between the glass structures of a greenhouse, and in summer also in the romantic garden behind the elegant villa, among palm trees, maritime pines and Mediterranean vegetation.

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Lunasia Lunasia


In the glamorous setting of Ristorante Lunasia, the Michelin-starred chef Luca Landi offers up a culinary experience of the highest level through a mix of traditional and innovative cuisine featuring flavors, aromas, colors and presentation that transform each and every dish into true works of art.
His menu features a particular predilection for fresh Mediterranean fish and seafood and other local, rigorously seasonal ingredients.

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Ristorante Bagno Silvio Ristorante Bagno Silvio

Ristorante Bagno Silvio

The ideal destination for those looking for fish dishes made using 0-km ingredients. The pasta and sweets are made in-house. The Acciughina is a must-try at Silvio, as well as raw selections, clam spaghetti and maltagliato pasta with giant prawns, not to mention the unforgettable fritto imperiale 

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L'Orsa Maggiore L'Orsa Maggiore

L'Orsa Maggiore

A creative cuisine without ever looking away from tradition, going far beyond the classic mixed fried seafood and spaghetti with shellfish. 

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Ristorante Franco Mare

Inside the homonymous establishment, an excellent gourmet restaurant with an elegant and romantic location also in poolside. Mainly marine cuisine, which focuses on the quality of the fish, with some creative additions.

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Maitò Maitò


A delicious spot on the seafront, which over the years has maintained its typically Versilia style, combining fish and meat recipes, delicious pizzas and foccacce cooked in a wood oven.

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Enoteca Marcucci Enoteca Marcucci

Enoteca Marcucci

One of the cult locales in Pietrasanta. The wine bar pays particular attention to the ingredients when creating its unique dishes, respecting the culinary tradition that has long characterized this territory. Forest floor embers, the grill and cast iron testi evoke the flavours of yesteryear. The most renowned bottles in the wine world are conserved as if in a cellar 

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Filippo - Ristorante a Pietrasanta Filippo - Ristorante a Pietrasanta

Filippo - Ristorante a Pietrasanta

Art is directly in the kitchen, where Filippo’s traditional cuisine is bestowed with a touch of modernity in its creation, from meatballs to roast beef, salt-encrusted fish to Lucca-style tortelli and an authentic crudo dish.

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Pinocchio a Pietrasanta Pinocchio a Pietrasanta

Pinocchio a Pietrasanta

A menu loaded with the region’s typical flavours, enjoyed in a welcoming setting. At the table, you can find Tuscan classics like pappa al pomodoro, hand-made ravioli and fresh fish directly from the Tyrrhenian Sea

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