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Trippa and lampredotto: where to eat the best in Florence

June 27, 2022

We take you around the city to discover the greediest tripe shops

A cross and delight for lovers of the most sincere and genuine cuisine, a symbol of a city where taste blends with the people who live there.

The panino con lampredotto and tripe are milestones of Florentine cuisine, a speciality that you cannot miss if you want to get to know the spirit of this city.

An everlasting myth and an essential ritual for most Florentines: at his counter, the tripe maker cuts the bread, dips it in the lampredotto cooking juices, stuffs it with the latter cut into small pieces and hands it to the customer, who will have previously answered the questions: "Salt and pepper? Green sauce? Spicy?".

Here are the definitive addresses for the best panino con il lampredotto and tripe in Florence (here also video -report of the best trippers in town).

Look for the must-have sandwiches in town, click here! Here, you will find bakeries with bread, pizzas and schiacciate stuffed with the best cold cuts in the area.

Trippaio di San Frediano Trippaio di San Frediano

Trippaio di San Frediano

Its specialty is, needless to say, the lampredotto. In all its many different preparations: from the classic version of lampredotto, in a sandwich or served as a dish, to the “inzimino” style (stewed), or cooked as the various recipes of the Tuscan tradition suggest. Then the trippa alla fiorentina (Florentine style tripe) pork breast and sausage and fried polenta. If you happen to stop there during Summer; don’t forget to try the mixed pork offal salad. Do you start having a strong desire for it? Perfect; you just have to stop and ask Simone to help you!

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Nerbone Nerbone


Fabio Giolli is one of the most well-known tripe makers of Florence. His address, Nerbone inside the Central Market of San Lorenzo (with marble tables in front of the counter) is in every guide and the quality is high, especially as regards the service and the care in preparing the sandwiches. In addition to the classic lampredotto here you can find a remarkable lesso, served with new oil and genuine, creamy green sauce.

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Tripperia Sergio e Pier Paolo Tripperia Sergio e Pier Paolo

Tripperia Sergio e Pier Paolo

The specialities are here lampredotto and tripe, cooked according to the best Florentine traditional recipes and in all their variations: tomato lampredotto with leeks, lampredotto “inzimino” style (stewed), the cacciucco del trippaio (with lampredotto and pork jowls), lampredotto with tomato sauce or with beans “all’uccelletto”(in a light tomato sauce), the stracotto di guancia (stewed jowls), tomato lampredotto with artichokes and pork jowls contadina style.

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L’Antico Trippaio L’Antico Trippaio

L’Antico Trippaio

A savoir faire which has been transmitted for five generations. Almost one hundred year history. This is the introduction of the Marchettis, the family that owns and runs the Antico Trippaio. An universe made of tastes and flavours: lampredotto, tripe salad, schiacciata with boiled meat are the musts of the company. The meats are Italian and the cold cuts are made in San Savino; the bread is freshly baked any time of the day.

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Trippaio del Porcellino Trippaio del Porcellino

Trippaio del Porcellino

It took four generations to become the tripe and the lampredotto excellence

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Mario Mario


A long experience as a buthcer and, in the last 26 years, one of the most popular “trippaio” (tripe vendor) in Florence. If you ask Mario Albergucci (best known as Marione) about his specialities, he will say it is tripe, in all its possible preparations. So let’s start with a lampredotto sandwich (the tripe can be cooked with beans, leeks, livornese style with artichokes or potato), and then the boiled beef, the stewed cheek, the francesina (with onions) or stewed beef with potatoes.

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Lupen e Margo Lupen e Margo

Lupen e Margo

Beatrice Trambusti is the only woman in Florence to be a trippaia (tripe vendor), always smiling and full of energy. Her lampredotto is of high quality, looking slightly redder; in comparison with other version of the same dish, this depending on the larger use of tomato during the cooking time, and resulting in a very tasty dish. Then the panini “sbucciati”, that are the sandwiches where the spannocchia part of lampredotto (the smooth part of the tripe, which seems to be the fat one, but it is not, in fact) is removed, sandwiches with tripe.

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I’trippaio fiorentino I’trippaio fiorentino

I’trippaio fiorentino

Marco Bolognesi, a former graphic designer who’s been tripe maker for over ten years, is proud of his craft and his lampredotto. Also ribollita, poppa croutons as well as tasty sandwiches. And if you are looking for a homemade Viagra dare the “Bollito erotico”: poppa, tongue, matrice and other secret ingredients. One of the youngest Kiosks in Florence.

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