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Pescheria Montini Massimo

In this fish shop, perhaps the oldest in Florence, which was taken over in the ‘80s by Massimo Montini (third generation of fishmongers), fish is fresh every day. He goes himself to choose the fish twice a week at the fish market in Viareggio, on Mondays and Thursdays,on other days fish is brought by reliable suppliers. The Tyrrhenian is the favourite place from which come tellinas in late winter, octopus, red mullets and squills in February, in June eledones, anchovies and mackerels in spring. In October from Mediterranean come tuna, swordfishes and amberjacks. Complete the offer: live crabs and oysters from Brittany, Scottish salmon and Norwegian dried and salted cod (Thursdays and Fridays).

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Connect with Firenze Made in Tuscany