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Panettone Natalizio Foto (credit photo:

Text Teresa Favi
photo cover: - ph Elena Veselova

December 20, 2021

The best panettoni in Tuscany

Our definitive selection, where to buy even the best of Italy

The Panettone, the symbol of convivial moments with friends or on the table during the Christmas holidays, was originally from Milan and has become a top artisan product in Tuscany, cared for and pampered by chefs and pastry chefs who interpret and reinvent it in a thousand flavors by focusing on excellent raw materials and long natural leavening so as to make it a "jewelry" product.

Where to buy it?

Da Rigacci a Cerbaia, a magical alchemy that leaves a pleasant apricot flavor in the mouth with a warm, extremely aromatic and non-sticky finish.

Rigacci '48 - Cerbaia in Val di Pesa (FIrenze) - Panettone alle albicocche

At the Four Seasons Hotel Firenze, the traditional collaboration with master pastry chef and baker David Bedu continues, who has managed to translate the ideas of Chef Paolo Lavezzini into a new Panettone della Gherardesca, thanks to the art of fermentation and leavening. Made with a sourdough starter created from Vin Santo, dried figs and chocolate drops, this year the classic Christmas cake wants to tell a bit of its garden through citrus fruits, herbs and spices. A soft and fragrant richness of flavors that deviates in part from the traditional recipe of Milan and at the same time recalls the aromas of the festive tables.

Panettone della Gherardesca del FS Firenze

The haute patisserie of the master of masters, Iginio Massari from Brescia, emperor of leavened products, has also arrived in Florence. For his traditional Panettone - the result of four leavening phases and two doughs (for a total of 62 hours), refined with an amaretto glaze, raw almonds and sugar grains - it is no longer necessary to travel. These are his serving suggestions: "Panettone should be served at room temperature, without the ramekin in order to avoid cutting the slices with the paper and ruining it irreparably. Use a bread knife to cut it. The cut should be done with a slow and deep movement, keeping the knife parallel to the serving plate so that the alveoli of the dough are not crushed. The right portion is 100 grams per head.

Iginio Massari Panettone

From the great Paolo Sacchetti in Prato who has won practically everything with his Pasticceria Nuovo Mondo. The main ingredients? Figs and dried fruit that are never cloying.

Pasticceria Nuovo mondo - Prato - Panettone Classico di Paolo Sacchetti

And then to Pasticceria Bonci a Montevarchi with its Panbriacone and the juicy rum-based alcoholic syrup that makes it the Christmas dessert par excellence for those who love soft, soaked desserts.

Pasticceria Bonci - Montevarchi (Arezzo) - Panbriacone

We land now in Siena da Nannini, an historic pastry shop that holds the record for the best ricciarelli in town, but not only. Do not miss their panettone: fragrance, measured sweetness and excellent structure are here the right keys to the coupling all seasoned by the pleasant aromas of citrus and dried fruit.

nannini - Siena - Panettone tradizionale

Another pearl of Siena, the pastry shop Peccati di Gola, with its panettone really to try. The main actors are the amazing chocolate and the refreshing candied ginger in the dough.

Peccati di gola - Siena - Panettone cioccolato e zenzero

We arrive at the Pasticceria Mearini di Quarrata, with its true Christmas masterpiece: strawberries, raspberries, fresh blueberries softly embedded in the pastry.

Pasticceria MEARINI - Quarrata (Pistoia) - Panettone alla frutta fresca (fragoline di bosco, lamponi, mirtilli, fragole)

we arrive at the Cantuccio di Federigo in San Miniato, a mix of softness, butteriness and tenderness. A panettone for adults and children.

Il Cantuccio di federigo - San Miniato (Pisa) - Panettone Perondi Classico Alto alla Milanese

From Fratelli Lucchesi a Barga panettone extremely refined and splendid in the combination: candied chestnuts that give aromaticity without affecting a barely perceptible sweetness and combined by concordance.

Panettone artigianale

We end up in Grosseto, in Corsini's with a soft and delicate panettone, where the softness and aromas of EVO oil leave the palate with memories of an incredible Christmas.

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