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Schiacciata all'olio del Pugi

text Marika Oggiano

April 4, 2023

The 15 best schiacciate in Florence

Crunchy, soft, with oil or stuffed, here is our tour to taste the tastiest ones

You cannot visit Florence without trying one of its most famous, popular and mouth-watering products: the olive oil schiacciata. Also great on its own or at the table in place of bread, schiacciata is at its best when stuffed, perhaps with prosciutto and Tuscan pecorino cheese, and accompanied by a nice glass of red wine!

We took a tour of the historic center and went even further, to the neighborhood of Le Cure and Novoli, to choose the 15 schiacciate you absolutely must try to enjoy a mouth-watering Florentine snack.

If, on the other hand, you're in the mood for a more classic sandwich, you can find our list of must-try sandwiches in the city here and our tour of the best Florentine street food here. Here instead is our itinerary to the best bakeries that produce bread, pizza and schiacciate, and here you can find the best lampredotto in town.

All'Antico Vinaio
Via dei Neri 65 r
ph. +39 055 238 2723

Bada come la fuma! You don't have to be a Florentine to know this motto. In fact, the popularity of Tommaso Mazzanti and his schiacciate has reached such a high level that anyone passing by, tourists as well as locals, cannot help but patiently line up to taste this schiacciata that now seems to have entered into legend. Starting in Florence and reaching all over Italy and as far as the United States, the schiacciate of Antico Vinaio needs no introduction, just look at the long line that forms every day, all day long, in front of the restaurant!

All'antico Vinaio

La Fettunta
Via dei Neri 72 r
ph. +39 055 2741102

After a visit to the Uffizi and before a tour of Santa Croce square, it is almost a must to stop for a snack with La Fettunta's legendary schiacciata accompanied by one of the excellent wines served, Chianti above all! Imagination is the master here, so much so that the menu is constantly changed: every day you can therefore find, and taste, different and always very tasty proposals. From the "ciccia" to the stuffed schiacciata the Florentine style here can be touched and savored in its entirety!

La Fettunta

Piazza San Marco, 9/b - ph. +39 055 280981
Via San Gallo 62/r - ph. +39 055 475975
Via G.Orsini 63-65 - ph. +39 055 689763
Via Anton Francesco Doni 10 - ph. +39 055 364179
Viale Edmondo de Amicis 49 - ph. +39 055 669666

Since 1925 Pugi has been a guarantee of excellence, with its products always fresh, sweet and savoury. The selection of raw materials, olive oil and seasonal vegetables, arrive fresh every morning in the workshops. Taste the always hot schiacciata all'olio, but also the bread, of all kinds and using the best flours.

Forno Pugi

Via dei Neri 50-52 r
ph. +39 055 2693062

The Budellino is your typical Tuscan trattoria - just like the ones in the old days, with pots hanging from the ceiling! - but if you don't have time to sit down and try one of their outstanding dishes, from the classic lampredotto to the lesser-known francesina, you must at least try one of their stuffed schiacciate. Eleonora, behind the counter with her kind smile, will be able to recommend the one that best suits your taste!


Lo Schiacciavino
Via Verdi, 6r ph. +39 055 2260133
Via Gioberti, 174r +39 055 2699619
Via Pisana, 10r +39 055 0030134

For more than a decade, Lo Schiacciavino's schiacciate have been giving excitement to Florentines throughout the historic center. If you are in a hurry, you can rest assured that the service here is very fast, while the schiacciate are huge and abundantly stuffed. The quality and freshness of the ingredients, the wide selection of wines-not just Tuscan! - and the friendliness of the guys who serve you are the strengths of this place, so much so that their motto is "Free smiles and good wine". You can also find the five-grain version of schiacciata and gluten-free bread! Try the very Tuscan "Bomba atomica" with Tuscan sausage, stracchino cheese and friarielli (turnip greens), and if you find yourself passing by via Pisana try the one with peposo all'imprunetina, you won't regret it!

Lo Schiacciavino

Borgo la Croce, 68r
ph. +39 055 4937714

Located in the Sant'Ambrogio district, a key area of the Florentine movida, it is a reference point for the many young people who meet in the evening for an aperitif or a cheap and quick dinner. The ingredients are genuine and especially the schiacciate are stuffed in abundance! Among the unmissables of this small place is definitely the schiacciata "Inferno" filled with very Florentine finocchiona, burrata, red radicchio and truffle cream!


I' Girone de' Ghiotti
Via dei Cimatori 23
ph. +39 055 5326053

Between Giotto's bell tower and Michelangelo's David lies another work of art, the schiacciata de' Ghiotti! They always serve it to you piping hot and super crispy, and they use products from small local producers to fill it. You may have to wait in line for a while before being served but if you are patient you will be richly rewarded. Try the highly original Batigol, with wild boar ham, pecorino cheese and caramelized onion cream, or if you want to stay lighter you can try one of their mouthwatering salads!

I’ Girone de’ Ghiotti

Vecchio Forno
Via Guelfa, 32
ph. +39 055 2654069

Located in the Central Market area of San Lorenzo, the Vecchio Forno is a very quaint establishment that all day long churns out bread, pastries and especially fabulous schiacciata. The bread and schiacciata are made locally and with only and absolutely local ingredients. A recommendation that I'm sure even the friendly and cordial owner of the Forno will not fail to make to you: after the schiacciata, perhaps stuffed with a nice Tuscan prosciutto, try their very famous cantucci as well!

Vecchio Forno

Officina dei Sapori
Via degli Alfani, 150r
ph. +39 338 8731495

After feeding the mind with a nice tour at the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, it's time to think about the body! So slip into the nearby Officina dei Sapori and take advantage of the wide selection of stuffed crushes on the menu or create your own with the many ingredients that the very kind managers of the restaurant provide! If you are looking for quality and kindness here you are in the right place. Try the schiacciata with pancetta, burrata and black pepper onion compote, a bomb! Remember, though, that in addition to the schiacciata they also have a very large selection of savory crepes!

Officina dei Sapori

Piazza dei Cimatori, 5r
ph. +39 055 8024703

In the heart of Florence, a stone's throw from Dante's House, there is a small place that takes care of the greediest tourists offering a wide variety of sandwiches and schiacciate, classic but also gourmet. The menu conceived by chef Roberto has his eye on Tuscan tradition, you can taste here the finocchiona or the typical Tuscan salami, but he does not renounce an opening towards new horizons: to try there is definitely the schiacciata with pastrami, the cabbage salad and the Tuscan marzolino!


La Schiacciateria De' Neri
Via dei Neri, 18r
+39 055 7609902

Rocco came to Florence from Naples 20 years ago, his passion for baking initially centered on pizza but over time turned into a real love for the Florentine schiacciata, which he kneads, bakes and serves in his small establishment in downtown Florence. In 2021 Rocco also broke a city record with a 12-meter schiacciata stuffed with Tuscan cured meats and products and paired with wines from Cantina Rufino. Definitely try the schiacciata Deliziosa, where Rocco's Neapolitan-ness meets his love for Tuscany, with Cinta Senese porchetta, mozzarella from Campania, and Neapolitan friarielli.

Schiacciateria De' Neri

La Schiacciata
Via dell'Ariento, Central Market
ph. +39 055 216071

Massimiliano Parri's La Schiacciata with Luisanna Messeri has brought a typically Florentine product revisited in a gourmet key to the second floor of the Mercato Centrale. Stuffed with quality ingredients, the schiacciata is offered in two versions: white with the addition of ancient flours or whole wheat. The menu, includes a dozen proposals that are renewed and change with seasonality. Between the two warm, crunchy layers of the schiacciata, the chefs, who slice salumi and prosciutto, lardo and pecorino, spread zola and Parmesan cheese creams. There is no shortage of vegetarian options and gluten-free schiacciata.

La Schiacciata di Massimiliano Parri con Luisanna Messeri

Antico Forno Guasti
Via del Ponte alle Riffe 15 r
ph. +39 055 583923

For the inhabitants of the Cure it is a landmark. Their schiacciata is considered among the best in the city by all Florentines. Tasty, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, it is baked throughout the day and can therefore be enjoyed hot at any time. Stuffed or plain, the schiacciata from Antico Forno Guasti is a perfect quick lunch, or a tasty snack, to be enjoyed in one of Florence's most popular and characteristic neighborhoods. You can also find it in a whole grain version with five grains!

Antico Forno Guasti

L'Esclusiva da Francesco - Schiacciateria e Vineria
Via A. Guidoni, 89A
ph. +39 334 377 0763

Leaving the historic center and arriving in the heart of Novoli, you can visit Francesco, who kneads and bakes bread and schiacciate in the back and stuffs them for you in the store. Francesco puts so much passion into it that in a few years he has achieved success and in 2021 he also opened near the Artemio Franchi, Fiorentina's stadium! The highlight here is the Coverciano schiacciata, stuffed with bacon, fresh ricotta, yellow date tomatoes and almond granola. A summer bomb!

L’Esclusiva da Francesco

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