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Il Palazzo e il Giardino Corsini durante Artigianato e Palazzo ph Alessandro Moggi
May 28, 2021

The itinerant exhibition Grand Tour makes a stop in the Garden of Palazzo Corsini in Florence

From May 29 to June 6, a journey to discover the extraordinary tradition and contemporaneity of Italian ceramics.

The long journey of Grand Tour - the traveling exhibition to discover the extraordinary tradition and contemporaneity of Italian ceramics, through the representative collection of the Italian Association of Ceramic Cities - makes a stop this year in Florence, hosted for the first time by Artigianato e Palazzo in the beautiful setting of the Garden of Palazzo Corsini.

The appointment is from May 29 to June 6, free entrance.

Oristano (ph.Raffaele Tassinari)

The exhibition, curated by Jean Blanchaert, Viola Emaldi and Anty Pansera and coordinated by Giuseppe Olmeti, is composed of over 170 works from 15 regions in 45 Italian municipalities, centers of ceramic production that are the custodians of an extraordinary know-how handed down for centuries: from Puglia to Veneto, from Sicily and Sardinia to Liguria and Piedmont, from Abruzzi to Romagna and Tuscany.


Objects of art, those visible at Grand Tour, faithful reissues of historical pieces, inspired by shapes and decorations transmitted over time, or interpretations of tradition in a modern key, handmade today as in the past by young ceramists and workshop masters in artistic laboratories, artisan companies, manufactures. Objects charged with a strong aesthetic value and a clear function of use, representative of the stylistic code of the cities from which they come.

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