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Stefano Bemer
November 26, 2020

The best leather craftsmen in Florence

What could be more special than something created especially for you? Then #iochoosemadeintuscany for Christmas and beyond!

The pleasure of a garment or accessory made to measure for you, or the perfect object for that place or occasion. Made by the hands of true master craftsmen. Irresistible mix of tradition and creativity.

A world that we know well, thanks to a work that we have been carrying on for years, shoulder to shoulder that one of the most important institution of Italian craftsmanship and which is located in Florence, namely Oma - Osservatorio Mestieri d'Arte.

A unique charm that must be rediscovered today more than ever. That's why, every week, we accompany you to discover some of the excellence of our craftsmanship, to the sound of #ioscelgomadeintuscany!

We start from Florence and its master shoemakers and leather craftsmen, where you can buy unique shoes and accessories.

Scuola del Cuoio

La Scuola del Cuoio
Via S. Giuseppe, 5r
ph. +39 055 244534

How not to start with an institution like the Leather School? Founded in 1950 thanks to the joint initiative of the Gori and Casini families (Florentine leather craftsmen since 1930) and the Franciscan Friars of Santa Croce, to teach war orphans the craft technique, it still carries on a precious educational activity, which over time, always in the evocative spaces adjacent to the Basilica of Santa Croce, has been flanked by a flourishing production of beautiful bags, wallets, belts and jackets. Among the processes for which it is most renowned, that of gilding leather.

wanny of filippo, founder of il bisonte (ph. lucia baldini)

Il Bisonte
Via del Parione, 31-33r
ph. +39 055 215722

Patron of this brand now known throughout the world is Wanny di Filippo, one of the most famous ambassadors of Made in Tuscany. A life dedicated to leather working, on which you could make a film. The bags of Il Bisonte, made with the leather of the historic tanning district of Santa Croce sull'Arno and with the craftsmanship taught by Wanny, are now a true cult object.

pelletteria artigiana Viviani (in the photo Leonardo Viviani)

Pelletteria Artigiana Viviani
Via Guelfa, 3/A
ph. +39 055 282730

Viviana and Leonardo Viviani, the second and third generation of a well-established family tradition begun by Renato Viviani, a master leathermaker trained first in Guccio Gucci's workshop and then in Buenos Aires, are now working in the workshop in the historic center of the city to carry on one of his oldest professions. Specialities: women's bags for all occasions, but also elegant work bags, wallets and accessories.

In the workshop in via San Niccolò, artisans make custom-made shoes as taught by master shoemaker Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer
Via di San Niccolò, 2
ph. +39 055 0460476

The perfect Italian shoe: this is the ambitious goal that Stefano Bemer set himself when he opened his workshop in 1983, the same workshop where actor Daniel Day Lewis worked for a year, incognito, getting so passionate that he had to come to Martin Scorsese in person to bring him back to the world of cinema to play Gangs of New York. In a few years the brand became one of the most famous names in Italy and abroad for the technique, style and quality of its custom-made footwear. An art that today goes on inside a deconsecrated church in Via San Niccolò.

Vivian Saskia Wittmer

Saskia scarpe su misura
Via di Santa Lucia, 24r
ph. +39 055 293291

Stefano Bemer was the subject of the article that led Vivian Saskia Wittmer, who was passionate about men's shoes from a very young age, to move from Germany to Florence, knocking on her store to perfect what she had already learned from one of the greatest German master shoemakers. A little white fly in an almost all-male universe that soon became so popular that today her shoes are appreciated and requested from all over the world.

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